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Variety of herbals soups, drinks and handmade soaps


Formulated by qualified TCM

Specially Packed With Love

All items are packed by young adults with disabilities

What is One-Two-Boost?

One-Two-Boost is a Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) initiative by Selangor Dredging Berhad which aims to provide job opportunities for individuals with disabilities by packing herbal soup and drink under the  consultation and prescription advised by TCM physicians.

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Five Colour Series

Traditional Chinese Medicine theory categorizes food by color and taste. The 5 colors of food nourish the 5 different organs in
our body. Food remedy is a natural and effective way to help the body restore health.



Bazhen soup, is good for nourishing the qi and improve blood circulation. If you have the symptoms of Qi and blood deficiency, cold hand and foot, pale complexion, always feel dizzy, tiring and short of breath, no appetite, Bazhen soup will suit you the most, regardless your gender and age group. Bazhen soup also suitable for those weak and always sick, and speedy recovery for patients loss of blood and ill.


Bazhen soup is not suitable during period, or when you have fever, flu and diarrhea.
It is advisable to drink Bazhen soup around noon time for optimum effect.

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